Teams to the Nations


About Impact Mission's founders

Wayne and Rosie work out their base in Manila a city of 25,000,000 people, Wayne is founder and director of IMI and senior pastor of City Revival Church Manila. They have been working in missions for 30 years and have seen many churches planted, souls saved and have seen the  mighty healing power of Jesus manifest.


A team based
ministry focused on
church planting.

Teams from many different nations  come, it is oversighted by a board of 5 pastors and is incorporated in Australia


Our outreach to Manilla

The great harvest field's of the world are in the mega cites of nations. Millions upon millions migrate from regional areas to these cities to find a better way of life. Manila has a population of 25,000,000 and growing. It is a writhing seething mass of people mostly under the age of 40. It is at times hard to see a senior out and about so great is the number of young adults.

The population itself is a diverse culture of peoples from all walks of life, the rich the poor, the middle class but what a sight to see are the countless multitudes of young people all set against a modern city with hidden slums where people make a living on garbage.

At present we have two churches in Manila one in Pasey and another in Taguig with several more planned.  The vison of IMI is to plant many churches in Manila raising up young people as pastors and leaders.


Samar & Leyte

Samar &  Leyte islands is our rural mission focus in the Philippines. It is the home of the Waray Waray people with literally means the Nothing Nothing people. These beautiful islands are set in a rugged region with many towns unreached. The region is poor in infrastructure and poverty is widespread with average salary is is about $3 a day if you can find work.

People are gradually moving off farms to towns looking for income or moving away. The main work is farm activity with some fishing. These people are a strong proud people, The Waray are friendly people open to missionaries. 
The region has about 4,000,000 people the capital is Tacloban which in 2013 was hit by Typoon Hiyan the strongest storm to ever make landfall killing 30,000 and destroying the local infastructure. 
We have been working here for many years and have seen churches established. The vision is 70 new churches at the  moment we are still working on this by means of teams coming supporting local outreaches, church planting, crusades and training this is all embedded in the local native church movement.